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Custom Wire and Cable Assembly

At C-WEST we are able to assemble a wide variety of electrical assemblies to suit your company's needs. Whether it's 50 a year or 50,000 a month, no job is too large or small for C-WEST.

We are able to provide consistent high quality wire and cable assemblies in a timely and cost effective manner. This quality is ensured by automated testing procedures such as full circuit analysis and continuity testing.

We can also assist in the development of your wire harnesses. By working with us from the onset, we can help you design a cost effective harness that will fit your electrical needs. This will help to ensure a smooth transition from design and prototyping through final production.

Component Sourcing

At C-WEST we understand your need for controlling costs and focusing on core competencies. An increasing number of our customer partners are turning to us for assistance in sourcing and managing their components. Through our component market knowledge and established relationships with leading manufacturers and distributors, our experienced procurement specialists are able to source and supply high-quality components to meet your needs.


At C-WEST we recognize that many of the components that we supply are built into higher level sub-assemblies. With this in mind we offer kitting and assembly services for our customer partners whereby we handle the logistics of bringing components together and checking quality compliance before putting them together as a kit.

By outsourcing kitting services and other fulfillment tasks to C-WEST, our customer partners can easily eliminate their need for warehouse space, reduce overhead, increase efficiency and productivity, and allow them to focus more attention on their core competencies.

Our value-added kitting service manages the series of complex logistical tasks required to create and deliver a bill-of-materials ready to enter production without the need for further inspection or preparation.